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Paint It Simply- Printed Books

untitled-store-cat.jpgWelcome to our new format Paint It Simply Printed books. 

Each Paint It Simply book contains between 60 and 230 full color printed pages.

Paint It Simply is a program of concept lessons, designed to teach you how to paint with just a few supplies and with very simple techniques.  I have been teaching painting for over 30 years.  During that time I have seen our painting industry expand to thousands of colors, thousands of brushes and techniques that are quite frankly difficult to master.  Each year, hundreds of more colors are made.  Brushes that we can't even find uses for.  All this makes learning to paint so difficult.  With Paint It Simply, we eliminate all that.  Reduce the clutter and return to the simple rules of art.

Paint It Simply goes back to the basics of art.  The program uses time tested techniques and brush skills that are easier to master and creates wonderful effects with very little practice.  The program uses just a few brushes and a few paints to create over 400 beautiful paintings.   Less cost, faster painting, easier techniques and most of all lots of fun!  These are the goals of the program.