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DVD3005 Strokes and Scrolls

DVD3005 Strokes and Scrolls $79.95
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Product Description

Disk 1

Brush Basics

Brush Types

Surface Preparation

Flow of Strokes

Comma Stroke, S Stroke

C Stroke, Oval Stroke

Dogwood Stroke

Ladle Stroke

Basic Acanthus Scroll


Disk 2

Sideloading Strokes for;

Comma Stroke, S Stroke, C Stroke

Oval Stroke, Dogwood Stroke

Stroke Blending

Blending Techniques,

Color and Value choices

Intermediate Stroke Combinations

Intermediate Scroll Painting and Shapes

Beginning Liner Brush shapes


Disk 3

Stroke Blending

Flow of Shape to Form

Advanced Stroke Structure

Balancing Color to Stroke Technique and Number of Strokes

Value to Strokes

Roundness to Strokes

Advanced Scrolls and Shapes

Intermediate Liner Brush Shapes<


Disk 4

Advanced Liner Control

Adjusting Control of Technique

Casual Painting vs. Control for Natural Look.

Designing with Scrolls

Designing with Strokes

Expressing your Style

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